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13November 2021

Hygiene and cleanliness are most important aspects of everyone’s lives. As per the definition of hygiene, it’s the principle of maintaining cleanliness and thereby, a good health. It helps us to look fresh, reduces possible growth of diseases and enhances inner self- confidence.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, we all somewhere realised why hygiene is important but have we implemented it totally? Continue to know the 10 possible ways to maintain hygiene in day-to-day life.


Frequent hand wash

It is one of the best way to avoid transmission of diseases. Washing hands before and after food, after coming in contact with a person who’s sick, after using washrooms, etc.

As per guidelines, soap must be scrubbed for about 20-30 seconds to achieve effective results. Sanitizers can be used as alternative.



Bathing removes the layer of dust and pollution settling on our skin, also removes the layer of dead cells. Our skin acts as physical barrier to many type of diseases and this natural barrier does requires hygiene and cleansing action.


Brushing Teeths

When it comes to hygiene, it’s not just about skin related. Brushing twice a day that is in morning & night time respectively, regular dental checkups, mouth cleansing after eating foods, proper gargling, every little stuff should be followed to keep good oral hygiene.


Proper Nails

Nails constitute of dead sells and the pores are the place which can easily get infected. Cleaning & proper trimming can take reduce the possible infections & hangnails.


Clean Clothes

Dirty clothes increases the risk of bacterial attacks which can lead to skin irritations, bad odour and skin related issues. The best solution is washing them with a detergent followed by drying them immediately upon rinsing.


Cover Your Mouth while sneezing and Coughing

It’s not only about personal hygiene but the individual next to you should also be taken care of. Covering mouth helps in avoiding spread of diseases.


Restful Sleep

Body requires sleep to function on normal basis. 7 to 9 hours of sleep is recommended for every adult to function without any complications.



When we talk about personal hygiene, proper food intake, metabolism time period, exercise, sleep, mental stress everything comes in it. A strict routine can help reduce stress and better outcomes.


Routine Doctor Checkup

Many a times, even after maintaining all hygiene parameters, we never know what disease can outgrow within us. People’s lives are important and the care should be taken by individual and constant follow ups are thus required. Fast diagnosis and accurate treatment can be easily obtained then.


Wear Masks

Masks are a necessity even if coronavirus fades away. Masks filters the air we’re breathing in, also avoids major route of transmission. The masks are of different price ranges but then even the simplest one can prove much efficiency.


To conclude, personal hygiene are a necessity in today’s world and COVID-19 somewhere is constantly trying to help us in realisation of the same. Let’s just stay clean and avoid all types of procrastination to save ourself.


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