The Ways & Importance Of Educating Kids To Wear Masks

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20September 2021

Masks have been our lifesavers for more than a year, and we are probably never going to say goodbye to them in the nearest future. But, instead of looking at the changed circumstances with a grim note, we should adapt ourselves to the new normal. Still, our responsibility does not end right there.

There will always be kids in every one of our lives, whether they are our daughters/sons, relatives, neighbours, etc, and it is in our hands to guide them through this unpredictable period.

It is understandable that if you are facing challenges in getting the kids to wear masks. They cannot always stay at home and you may not be able to look after them all the time. Also, the schools are going to resume their functions, and when it happens, you can never be sure that the kids will keep them on even if you manage to make them wear.

No amount of anger or threatening can make them do so. Therefore, this article is about getting them to wear it in the right way.


Making Them Understand

If you are a parent that prefers to command the kids into doing something, you are probably in the wrong millennium. But, it is also not always easy to explain everything to them. So, use your creativity to get this job done. Before taking an initiative for this purpose, it is important to know the understanding level of the kids.

You can build plays, stories, or rhymes that can adequately get the message through to them. This is also a better way to teach them just about anything and not just the masks.


Relating To Them

Children are extremely smart and therefore the way you present something to them can make a lasting impression on them, for better or worse. So, it is important for you not to demonize the mask if you want them to wear it as expected. Try not to threaten them with the impact of not wearing a mask and instead, teach them the importance of wearing one.

For instance, telling a child to wear shoes outside the house so that their feet would always be clean and comfortable will have a different response than telling them to wear them after a lecture about all the unclean stuff and the potential harms. The problem with making a negative approach is that sometimes it triggers the kids to do the exact opposite.


Personalizing The Masks

The mask industries are doing their best efforts to support you in this process by making attractive masks that can impress children. But, you have to be careful not to compromise the capacity for the sake of attractiveness when it comes to masks. To be on the safer side, choose multi-layered surgical masks and decorate them for a bit of personalization. If you can make them feel attached to it, and to feel that it looks good on them, your work is necessarily done.


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